Bootcamping and reaching Challenger tier

This weekend we have been lucky enough to attend a bootcamp-lan with Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen. The whole thing took place at his house in Nittedal and four of the team members attended. During the bootcamp we finally (!) reached Challenger tier as a team.

The bootcamp-lan was a kind of spur of the moment thing. It all started when CG MeIsYellow broke his computer and we got worried that he would not be able to attend the Gamermag tournament we had sign up for this weekend. After talking to Noobwork, he offered to lend us one of his computers. That’s generous, we thought, but how would he ever be able to use this computer?

Well. It’s a small world. After a while we realized that Noobwork and CG MeIsYellow lived only minutes away from each other. Then one thing led to an other… and suddenly Noobwork played host to CG MeisYellow, CG Jubel, CG Cheeztivity and CG Xleee for three days!

As luck would have it, they all hit it off and had a great time playing games, streaming and doing some rather interesting team building exercises.  We are however a little sad that CG Hatriixx could not attend. He spent the weekend in Sweden and had to play from a house there. But at least he got to somewhat partake through Teamspeak and Skype.


During the bootcamp lan lots of things happened. First of all – we made challenger tier in ranked 5s. We have been working hard to make Challenger tier for some time now, and it made us very happy when our Facebook post about the achievement reached more than 6500 people. All in all the response has been overwhelmingly positive and that has given us even more motivation to keep climbing the Ranked 5s ladder.

We won Gamermag Open 3
In addition to making Challenger, we also attended and won the Gamermag open 3 tournament. Which is awesome in and of it self. The best thing however, just might be that we went undefeated through the entire tournament. That means we did not have to spend any time in that dark place known as the loser bracket.  Woop, woop!

The result of all this, and with some help from Noobwork, we also managed to reach just shy of 600 likes on our Facebook page this week. That means we got 250 new likes in a few days. So all in all, a very productive and fun weekend!

Some pictures were also taken during the bootcamp-lan:


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