Celestial Gaming adds Coach

In order to prepare for the upcomming season of League of Legends we are announcing one addition to the Celestial Gaming team; a coach. The addition will help bring the team to a new level and hopefully ramp up performance.

Our new coach Sindre «Smiileyguy» Wirkola is mostly known as a expert commentator in the Norwegian League of Legends scene. He won the “So You Think You Can Cast” competition organized by Gamer.no, and proceeded to cast the Telenorliga and other LAN-parties for two seasons. In his sparetime he is working on a masters degree in political science and enjoys watching and contributing to the ever growing Norwegian e-sports scene. This season he will take on the role of head coach.

Statement Sindre «Smiileyguy» Wirkola:

I look forward to working with Celestial Gaming and I hope to assist to the best of my ability to improve an already strong team.

Sindre "Smiileyguy" Wirkola casting the League of Legends finals at Spillexpo 2014.

Sindre “Smiileyguy” Wirkola casting the League of Legends finals at Spillexpo 2014.


We believe that Wirkola has vast knowledge of the norwegian esports scene and the game, and that this will help contribute to growth within our organization. We also believe that his education and maturity will help the team improve while staying organized and motivated.

Obivously this means that Wirkola will no longer cast the Telenorliga on a regular basis, but considering that he is such a casting talent we believe he might still be casting some LAN- and online tournaments in the future. His main role in esports how ever, will be as a League of Legends coach for Celestial Gaming.

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