Celestial Gaming Youth – advances to the first division

When er created the League of Legends youth team in august last year (2016), we could not have imagined what an extraordinary experience it would be to watch them grow.

Celestial Gaming Youth have come a long way since the autumn of 2016. In only two season they have grown from solo queue players and into a team that has managed to climb all the way to the second place of the second division. That means that after two season they are now advancing to the first division of the Telenorligaen – League of Legends League.


We are super proud!

It also saddens us that this means we have to let them go. Each organization can only have one team per division, so we are now actively looking for a new home for impressive youths. We will announce where they are going and why we chose this solution when we are getting closer to the autumn season.

Read more about our choice to focus on developing new talent with the creation our youth  team here.

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