Celestial Gaming Youth shows promise at The Gathering

Our Youth team has come a long way since we started the project for the autumn season in 2016. Watch the vlog and read more about the results.

This easter they attended the worlds second largest LAN and managed to come in third after two first division teams; Riddle and Eclipse. It was even more impressing  that they managed to win a game of Riddle. Riddle has won the first division of Telenorligaen, so this shows promise!

The team attending The Gathering consisted of:

  • Erlend Nesheim Steinnes | CG Dragonshrek (Top)
  • SUB (Jungle)
  • Per Andre Bentsen | CG Mindpr0 (Mid)
  • Leon Keddeinis | CG Riziki (ADC)
  • Sondre Strømholm Granheim | CG Smuff (Support)

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