CG Boffen

“Boffen never gets blue buff.”

Name: Sebastian Gsell

Summoner name: BOFFEN

From: Ås boffen2

Age: 24


Play time:  Since season 1

Favourite Quote:

“We got this late game”

About me –
My name is Sebastian Gsell, and I am the mid laner of Celestial Gaming. I have been playing League of Legends since season 1. The first champ I remember coming out was Xin Zhao (jeezes, did I think he was broken at that time!).  My first main was Katarina. I thought I was THE god, spinning around in my ulti getting triple kills etc, but when thinking about it now, I realize I kinda just pushed a button and smashed my face on the keyboard.

I have played in a lot of different teams, but did never achieve anything in particular. It was first when I joined the team BX3 in 2013 that I started to get into the competitive scene.

My gaming history.
It all started in the childhood with the NES-nintendo and Super Mario. I was, and still am, a huge Nintendo fan, and I love all the games in the Mario-series and Zelda-series. The PC is my real gaming device today. It started with me playing Runescape, then I started playing World of Warcraft. After a lot (and I mean a lot) of World of Warcraft, I started playing League of Legends. I also enjoy FPS-games such as Counter Strike and Battlefield and RPG’s such as Skyrim and Far Cry. I’ve also played through the game Outlast (while streaming), which was both terrifying and fun.

My League of Legends history, from the beginning.
I was first introduced to League of Legends by a friend that thought it would be fun if we started it together. I had previously tried another MOBA game called Heroes of Newerth, but I didn’t really enjoy it, so I was a bit skeptical to the idea of another MOBA. On the other hand I had recently quit playing World of Warcraft, and my Summer vacation had just started, so I thought to myself, why not just try this new game.  We started as three friends playing the game, so naturally we played a lot of 3v3 on the map Twisted Treeline. I actually think 90% of my games between level 1 and 30, consisted of 3v3 games. By the time I hit level 30, we were a group of perhaps 6-7 friends all3 playing the game.

For about two years, I played League of Legends consistently with my friends. We played normal games, custom games and just had a lot of fun playing around not taking it too seriously. In season one I managed to get about 1550 rating in solo queue ranked, which at that time was around gold (I think). I didn’t really enjoy ranked nearly as much as I loved derping around with my friends in normal, so I think I had about 50 games played in ranked or so. In season two I climbed a bit higher, and managed to get about 1900 rating, which was platinum. I was the highest rated person of my friend group, and played the game a lot more than the rest of my friends. We still played a lot of normal and custom games together though.
Season three arrived, I climbed to diamond 1 and continued evolving as a player. My friends did not play as much as they used to, but I still played a lot. Long story short (Kappa), I found four other diamond 1 players and we made a team and did quite well in the Norwegian competitive scene. After playing with them for a while, and attending LANs and climbing the team ranked ladder, people started to recognize me, and I was finally one of the top players in Norway. While playing for other teams, I also played a lot with Celestial Gaming, as a step in for top/mid/support.  I got to know them quite well because of all this.

When CG lost their mid laner, they asked me if I wanted to join them as their new mid laner. Seeing that I knew how good they were, and how much I liked them, I just had to accept their offer. This resulted in me having to leave my former team Black Alpha, but I think it was the right choice.  Now I am just trying to keep getting better, and I think that Celestial Gaming is the best team to make me a better player, and my best opportunity to perhaps reach into the international competitive scene.

Me in League of Legends.

I started out playing the top lane. It was my absolute favorite role the first seasons. After a while I went over to the mid lane and it became my absolute favorite lane. I still play top as a secondary main role (I love the solo lanes). I can still play a decent support and ADC, but if I get the jungle, you better hope I’m not on your team.

My mid play style is very team and team fight oriented. I love long range mobile mages with AOE, burst and peel abilities. My number one favorite champion is Syndra, who not coincidently enough, exhibit all of these features.  I can also play assassins to a decent degree.

I like to do, “co-shotcalling”, which basically means I do some shotcalling, but I prefer someone else on the team also doing it.

I love to play custom fun games with friends, practice 1v1 and derp in normal. I also love to play team ranked and tryhard. I do not like to play solo queue ranked to the same degree as the other things, but I do it for the practice and the elo bragging rights.

Things I hate.

  • ZILEAN: I hate his face, his attitude, his clothes. I hate playing him, I hate playing against him, rito pls remove champ.
  • Flamers, afk’ers, one trick ponies, people who write and say “Kappa” outside of twitch chat, and junglers (especially the ones that gank me).
  • Every jungle champion in the game (especially all of them).
  • When Nocturne ulties and says “darkness” and come flying into your freaking face with a fear and insane damage (even though he has a giants belt and a ward).
  • When Vi ulties you and one shots you because she has a brutalizer and four giant belts.
  • When Warwick ulties you and locks you down for what seems like an eternity.
  • When Jarvan IV ulties you and you have to stand inside a little space of despair waiting for the inevitable death.
  • When there’s no more food left in the fridge

Things I love.

  • When junglers dies, especially if they die trying to gank me. DSC_0523
  • When my jungler counterganks.
  • When I get blue buff.
  • When people act as team players and positive individuals.
  • Rægår på spiral-loff.

Favorite teams and players.
I do not really have a favorite team. I enjoyed watching Moscow Five in the beginning because they were so innovative in their play style, and had a lot of entertaining games. Other than that I really only admire and have favorite players.

My favorite players are Faker, the God of everything that exists, and Bjergsen, the master of Syndra.

I also like the duo lane Imp and Mata (Samsung Galaxy White), because they are absolutely insane together and are very very kawaii.

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  • King of the North 09 / 10 / 2014 Reply

    I like Boffen, he is a good player.

  • John G. Bernander 09 / 10 / 2014 Reply

    Dette er John G Bernander

    hva i helvete er det du driver med

  • Steffen Kleppe Løvik 25 / 02 / 2015 Reply

    Han er guden!

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