CG Jubel

“There’s no stopping the Jubel”

Name: Jakob William Andresen

Summonername: CG Jubel jubel2

Fan page:

Age: 20

Play time: Since S1

From: Norway / Ås


Favourite Quote:

“Better jungler wins :v)”


About me –

I am the jungler of CG. I mainerini Lee and Vi. I have played since S1. It was my older brother who introduced me to League of Legends.

In S2 I was in Silver (1300 ELO). I used to be a midlane player with a huge champion pool, and mained Xerath and Viktor. In preseason 3 I climbed to gold, and role swapped into a jungler because midlane was taken all the time. I quickly climbed the ladder in S3 with Vi and got into Diamond 1. At the end of S3 I had Diamond 1 74 LP.

I got into the Norwegian E-Sports scene through a team called Sparkle. At the time Sparkle was doing some tryouts for the jungle position, and since I was high ranked I gave it a shot. After some time I got the spot, and Sparkle got 2nd place in the Norwegian Championship at SpillExpo 2013.

Favourite LCS Team: Supa Hot Crew XD. High quality team with an epik team name. I also love the players. Seems like a fun team with great atmosphere.

Favourite LCS Player: MrRallez. Goodest player EUW. Great mechanics and he gives me many Fantasy LSC Points.

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