CG MeIsYellow

“I think MeIsYellow is the only toplaner that can make top fun to watch!”
– Smiiileyguy, caster

Name: Thomas Zhuoming Huang

Summoners name: CG MeIsYellow and MeIsYellow (smurf)


MeIsYellow under Sørlanet 2015.

Age: 19

From: China / Nittedal


Play time: Since season 1

Favourite Quotes:

“You’re d1 in duoQ, not soloQ”

“Mad cus bad?”


I’ve played League of Legends since early Season 1 and have mostly played top, I enjoy playing every role and have played every role for various teams throughout all seasons.

The team that got me into the Norwegian League of Legends E-sports scene was through our current manager, Benedichte Breistøl (Glittergames). They were looking for a top laner previously on a team called Sparkle. We got 2nd on the Norwegian Championships with Inflatable Balloons in 4th. After the Norwegian Championships team Sparkle and Inflatable Balloons disbanded and merged Sparkles top laner and jungler with iB’s mid that transitioned to support with his marksman.

Favourite LCS Team: Diginitas & LMQ. Dignitas has the the coolest players and LMQ are Chinese.

Favourite LCS Players: Shipthur, Zionspartan & Xiaoweixiao. They’re Gods, what else?

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