CG Saito

Name: Hamad Allaui

Summoner name: CG Saitosaito

From: Mysen

Age: 19


Play time: Since season 2

Favourite Quote:

“I suck”

About me.
My name is Hamad Allaui, and I am currently the AD Carry of Celestial Gaming. In late season 2 a close friend of mine introduced me too League and I have been playing League of Legends ever since. I used too play alot of 3v3 back then when the old twisted treeline still existed and it was tons of fun. Champions I enjoyed back then were Shyvana and Nocturne.
I have played in a lot of different teams, but never achieved anything since it always ended up in failure or disbands instantly. I didn’t really care about Norwegian Esports until I got asked too play for BX3.

My gaming history.
It all started off when a close friend of mine introduced me too this game called “Runescape”. Back then I was not really that into games in general, I just played some on and off playstation for fun. I was mostly interested in sports and was really good at it, until Runescape addiction started too take off.

I started being more indoors and grinded the hell out of Runescape, I was such a noob, I didn’t know what I was doing most of the time, but it was so much fun and exciting.
Time passed and I got myself a playstation 3, I played alot, runescape was none of my concerne then, it was all about Call Of Duty MW2 and Black Ops zombies. After that it was League.

League Of Legends
When I started to get to know League more I began too make videos with my friend and uploaded them on Youtube. It was mostly just for fun, now that I look at the videos it brings tons of nostalgia back, and I’m greatful that we made those videos.

Time passed and I got bored with Twisted Treeline. My friends older brother was playing mostly Summoner’s rift, and I thought he was super good at the game, and I used too watch him alot when I was visiting them and when we weren’t allowed to play. His friend played Ad Carry and it looked super cool the way he played Vayne. So the day after I decided too try it out.
In season 3/4 I started too take league more seriously and powerclimbed from Gold too Diamond 1. My highest peak back then was 99LP but usually I was jumping between 60-70LP.

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