It’s been a long and exciting autumn holiday for us in Celestial Gaming. While we got followed by a camera crew, we attended a boot camp and went to two different LAN parties. The first LAN we competed at was Sørlanet in Kristiansand. The competition at this event was fierce but in the end, we prevailed and went undefeated through the whole tournament!

The roster at Sørlanet consisted of:

  • Sebastian “Boffen” Gsell
  • Jakob “Jubel” William Andresen
  • Jørgen “Hatriixx” Elgåen
  • Magnus “xCheezy” Hornnes
  • Leif “xLeee” Miranda

To win Sørlanet, we had to beat “Peet with four” –  a team with world class players like Erlend “Nukeduck” Våtevik Holm and Omid “Touch” Rosander. Coming in to the event this obviously scared us a bit, but our focus was on doing what we had practiced at boot camp and use the tactics we had come up with. One of these tactics included lane swapping top and mid, if our midlaner was banned out. Sticking to this plan and playing to our strengths paid off in the end – and we played as close to perfect as we could.

Most people we have talked to in the community seem to be surprised that we were able to pull this off, but after watching our games no one can really question the fact the Celestial Gaming did deserve to win Sørlanet 2014. As a team we also want to mention that we value this accomplishment greatly and going forward the motivation to keep performing on at this level has intensified.

This was also the first time we wore our new team shirts.

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