CG Youth – Roster and general information

Celestial Gaming strive to help the growth of Norwegian e-sports, and for us that means cultivating new talent. Autumn 2016 we started a Youth Team in League of Legends in order to do that.  

In order to find players for the Youth team, we had several rounds of try outs through out the autumn. The players we picked got help from the players on our main team as well as our manager, and within a short time we saw tremendous improvement from the players both individually and as a team.

Now, for the spring season, we have added a veteran jungler, Jakob “Jubel” Andresen, to the lineup. Jubel has played for our main League of Legends line up since 2013 and has a lot of experience shot calling and playing under pressure. He also needs a break from the top division this season, so we think this will be a good match for both parties. So while the players on the youth team has grown a lot during the autumn season, we hope that this will provide that extra push and experience they need in order to truly shine and reach their potential.

Celestial Gaming Youth currently resides in the second division of Telenorligaen. Our goal for spring 2017 is to win this division and rank up to the first division for the autumn season.

Youth Team (League of Legends) Line Up:

Erlend Nesheim Steinnes | CG Dragonshrek (Top)

Jakob William Andresen | CG Jubel (Jungle)

Per Andre Bentsen | CG Mindpr0 (Mid)

Leon Keddeinis | CG Riziki (ADC)

Sondre Strømholm Granheim | CG Smuff (Support)

San-Paul Hoang Nguyen | CG Maxiam (Coach)


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