How we spent our autumn break

This autumn Celestial Gaming attended two LANs. We had a great experience at both – and we made some pretty cool vlogs about that.

As tradition dictates we started our week at Sørlanet. Just like last year, it was a great experience. We met some great friends and fans, played the tournament and got to play the final on stage infront of a big crowd. We also started doing some vlogs (video bloggs), one for each day at the event. To our surprise they were really well recived which made us pumped to do more.

You can check out our vlogs at our youtube-channel.

Sørlanet also marked  the end of an era because we played our last tournament with Magnus “Cheezy” Hornnes and Leif “xLeee” Miranda as our botlane. That resulted in all sorts of feels after we won the final on the last day there.

After Sørlanet we traveled to Gigacon, which was held at Exporama in Lillestrøm. We also sent xLeee to ByLan in Bergen where he casted their League of Legends tournament to great success.

At Gigacon we were supposed to meet up with our new main botlane: Magne “Magne Johan” Molteberg and Preben “Prebz” Berthuesen. Unfortunately only Magne made it (he is awesome btw). Prebz got really sick and was told at the airport that he was too sick to fly. Obviously this was really frustrating for both him and the team. When Prebz was not able to attend, it ment we were not going to me meet in person, also we found our selves without an ADC for the tournament we were about to play. This was no easy tournament either; on the list of participants were several of the best teams in Norway and an international team.

Luckily we found a substitute last minute, which at least made us able to play some games. Unfortunately though, he was not an ADC main and not on Prebz’ level. We still managed to beat MyXMG and almost beat the international team Enigma, but our journey ended there with a fourth place. After that we just spent some time togheter, watched games, ate some food and played some games for fun as well.



All in all, it’s been a great autumn break and we’re looking forward to meeting up at our next big event: SpillExpo.

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