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- League of Legends

Celestial Gaming was founded when our first League of Legends team was established in 2013, so in many ways our League of Legends team is the  bedrock of our organization. The team and its players are known for being the most stable roster in norwegian esports. They have also been featured in a documentary on TV2, Game on. In addition they won the Telenor Fair Play prize in november 2015.

The Team


Håkon Solberg aka Flaker



Eivind Ommundsen aka Dacreq



Sebastian Gsell aka Boffen


More info


Magnus Hornnes aka Cheezy



Admir Begovic aka Caketrain


A complete list of the teams placements in tournaments:

1st Place, The Gathering 2016 (Mars)
1st Place, HordaLAN 2016 (Mars)
1st Place, AgderLan 2016 (February)
1st Place, Telenorliga Fair Play Prize, 2015 (November)
1st Place, Sørlanet 2015 (September)
1st Place, The Gathering 2015 (April)
1st Place, HordaLAN 2015 (February)
1st Place, Sørlanet 2014 (October)
1st Place, Compohost Tournament 2014 (August)
1st Place, ESCL Opening Tournament 2014 (April)
1st Place, ESN GG Cup 2014 (February)
2nd Place, Telenorligaen, 2015 (May)
2nd Place, Altiboxligaen, 2015 (June)
2nd Place, Gigacon 2014 (October)
2nd Place, Gamermag (2) 2014 (April)
2nd Place, ESN GG Cup 2014 (January)
2nd Place, SpillExpo 2013 (November)
3rd/4th Place, Ragnarök 2016 (Mars)
3rd/4th Place, Telenorligaen 2016 (May)
3rd/4th Place, LOL Telenorligaen 2017 (May)
4th Place, Gamer.no Challenge 2014 (May)
4th Place, Gamer League 2014 (August)


Hall Of Fame:

Thomas Huang | CG Meisyellow (Former Top)

Magnus Hornnes | CG Cheezy (Former ADC)

Leif Miranda | CG xLeee (Former Support)

August Nyheim | Quixeth (Former Support)

Jørgen Elgåen | Hatrixx (former Midlaner)

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