Mia “Gamergrill” Landsem joins CG as a streamer

So much is happening these days! To day we can announce that we’re expanding our organization and adding another streamer. In addition to having Noobwork help promote us, we will now have the awesome Mia “Gamergrill” Landsem as part of the CG -team.

Mia might be best known from the VGtv-documentary “Gamer”. She was also featured on NRK (the news) on a segment about female gamers and is currently a moderator on one of Norways largest League of Legends groups in Facebook. If you are norwegian, you might also have read one of her articles on Gamermag.no.

So obviously we are very happy to have Mia as part of our organization moving into 2015. We also hope you’ll like her stream.

Proud to announce that im the new familymember! @celestial_gaming #leagueoflegends follow my twitch mialandsem #gamergrill

Et bilde publisert av Mia “Gamergrill” Landsem (@mialandsem)

Mia “Gamergrill” Landsem:

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/mialandsem

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mialandsem

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  • ano 19 / 05 / 2015 Reply

    do you find anyone on your fb friendlist especially fake?

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