Magnus “Cheezy” Hornnes

nor Norway
Current Team
Magnus “Cheezy” Hornnes, Celestial Gaming (LOL)
Past Teams
Magnus “Cheezy” Hornnes

“Son of ‘Gulost’ and the king of cheezy strats!”

Name: Magnus Hornnes

Summoner name: CG Cheeztivity and Strawhat Cheezy (smurf) cheezy

From: Kristiansand, Justneshalvøya

Age: 21


Play time: Since season 1

Favourite Quote:

“Fuck it, they are too tanky.”

About me –

I have been playing League of Legends since the very beginning. When I was younger I kinda lived on the country side. There was not many people around where I lived except some family members as my neighbours so I started playing video games at a early age.

I first got introduced to video games through my older brothers, at first I did not play myself, but only watched but after a while I got into playing Counter Strike: Source and Runescape. These were mostly the games I played through my childhood and I never played any MOBA games until League of Legends.

I’ve always been one of the guys who played most League of Legends between my friends and kind of been the best player amongst my friends. I do not consider myself really good, but atleast decent at the game and I want to become better and improve in the upcomming months.

I’ve never really played competative games before League of Legends, and it’s only the two last years I’ve been really active in the Norwegian community. Since I’m currently done with high school I’m taking a year off education and I want to see how good we can become as a team through the next year and hopefully we will manage to become a recognized team in Europe.

Favourite teams:
My favourite NA team has to be TSM. I’ve been following them since season 1 and I first saw them play at season 1 dreamhack and they quickly became my favourite team.

My favourite EU team has to be SK because Ocelote has been one of my favourite players for a long time, and even though he has left SK I still cheer for SK.