We reach playoffs in League of Legends & CS:GO (Telenorligaen)

After a tough spring season with altering line-ups and scrambling to fix our rosters, we managed to reach play offs in both League of Legends and Counter Strike:Global Offensive in Telenorligaen. 

The League of Legends Team played their semi-finals from home and ended up losing 3-1 to “Sprutnoobs”. Sprutnoobs won the regular season and chose to play their semis against us.

After a tiebreaking round in CS:GO, we headed to the play off games  at Edderkoppen scene in Oslo. There we met Nordic Warthogs in the semis, and unfortunately we lost 2-0. NW went on to win the league.

On an other happy note; Our youth team will be joining the first division next season after ending the season in 2. division at second place and qualifying for advancement.

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