Coaching (League of Legends)

Are you tired of being stuck in bronze? Do you feel like your team needs a little push to get to the “next level”?  Do you want to learn a new champion, or simply how to master one you all ready know? Maybe coaching is what you need!

Celestial Gaming is home to some of the best Norwegian players on EUW. They have high ranked individual skill as well as team synergy, high spirits and perseverance. We believe that these qualities make our players suitable and able to teach others how to master the complex game that is League of Legends. Or at least increase others  skill level and game knowledge.

If you wish to have one of our players coach and help you, this is what you should know about the process.

  • Lessons are available in Norwegian and English.
  • The lessons will take place during the afternoon or early evenings.
  • We use Paypal for payment.
  • One lesson is one hour.
  • We provide lessons for all lanes and positions.
  • We provide coaching and analysis for teams.

How to book a coaching lesson
It’s fairly simple to book a lesson with one of our players. You simply contact us on our Facebook page or use the contact form provided on this page. When you contact us, you will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Who are you? (name, age)
  • What is your ranked league (or are you bellow level 30)?
  • What lane or position do you wish to learn more about?
  • Anything in particular you want to learn more about?
  • Do you have a specific coach in mind, or does it not matter which player from CG coaches you?

From this information alone we might be able to hook you up with the perfect lesson for you. That being said, we might ask you some follow up questions in order to determine who should coach you. We will also decide when the lesson will take place during our conversation with you.

We strive to make the process easy, painless and relevant.


How does the coaching work?
You have several options for your lesson with our coaches. We will obviously present them to you during our conversations in the booking process. Still it might be helpful to have a basic grasp of the possibilities before you contact us.

  • Game analysis: We sit down with you and watch one of your previously recorded games with you. While we do this, our coach will point out what you are doing well and what you should do better. We will also give you tips on how to correct the mistakes you made during your game. This option is available for solo players and for teams.
  • In game coaching: We play a game or two with you. We will try to get an account in your rank/level to do this. The hope is that you’ll learn by doing.
  • Champion guide: We teach you one champion. This entails helping you with runes and basic knowledge of the champion. We will also explain how the champion should be played in all phases of the game (laning phase, team fights, positioning etc.). This option also includes one or more one vs. ones.
  • Team coaching: We help your team function better, get more organized and be more professional. To do this we will spectate and listen to your team while you play one or more ranked 5s games. Then we will give you tips on how to improve as a team and answer other questions you and your team might have.

If you prefer to book a coaching lesson of an other variety we will try to provide it. We are always open to suggestions.

After the lesson

We will be available for questions and comments after the lesson is over. We also appreciate constructive criticism and testimonials. If you want us to, we will also be able to give you “homework” to help you improve further.

 In the meantime remember that even if solo Queue sucks you can still learn:

“Go to a place where no one likes you, because you are not trying to make them happy, you are trying to get better yourself.”

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